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Hello world! June 2, 2008

So, I got the inspiration for this blog recently when I was traveling for business.  I thought for awhile that I really wanted to start a blog, but had no idea what I wanted to blog about. 

So my inspiration came to me in a business meeting.  I asked this man (who is very successful in what he does- author, real-estate king, etc.) – if you could tell me one thing that I should keep in the back of my mind, that can help me in the future in ALL walks of life, what would you say? 

He said:  “Be careful who you marry.”  At which, I giggled.  REALLY- of the tips for success “be careful who you marry” is it.  Yes, he then went on to explain- that he knew people who have married and their husband/wife do not have a job and on the other end of the spectrum he know people who have married and have married a very wealthy husband/wife.  He then asked me- who do you think was more happy? 

So here was my take in this.  Money doesn’t make people happy (there are a lot of people who are wealthy and very unhappy)- HOWEVER- having NO money doesn’t make people happy either.